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All Natural Dog Treats & Chews

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From £8.99

Large Pig Ears are a popular dog treat that are made from cartilage making them super chewy and a delicious treat. They contain collagen to help keep their skin and coat healthy.


Our Pork Rolls are pieces of defatted Pork rind that has been rolled into tubes and then naturally air dried to create a delicious attractive tasty treat.


Here at Proper Natural we love Pigs in blankets all year round, this includes our furry friends too! These gourmet sausages have been wrapped in a delicious piece of Pork rind making a fantastic multi protein treat that dogs can enjoy whatever the season!


Our Sausage rolls are made from a gourmet sausage that has been carefully wrapped in a delicious piece of Pork rind. These are a larger version of our pigs in blankets making them a perfect snack for larger dogs.


Pig Snouts are a delicious air dried, crunchy treat that are great for maintaining good oral health. A highly palatable treat that your dog is sure to be 'sniffing' around for.

From £4.49

Puffed Pig Snouts are gently air-dried, 100% natural and contain natural oils that help to promote a lovely shiny skin and coat. They are much less greasy to standard pig snouts and ears.