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Dog Treats & Chews to Boost Immune System

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From £8.99

Large Pig Ears are a popular dog treat that are made from cartilage making them super chewy and a delicious treat. They contain collagen to help keep their skin and coat healthy.

From £4.49

Furry Rabbit ears are a fantastic low fat treat for all sizes of dogs. Been a single source protein treat, they are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs due to containing NO additives or grains. With regular feeding, the added benefit of fur will help with de-worming.


Moon Bones are 100% Beef cartilage with many health benefits to your dog. They are a long lasting treat that your dog with absolutely love.


Our Pork Rolls are pieces of defatted Pork rind that has been rolled into tubes and then naturally air dried to create a delicious attractive tasty treat.


These crunchy low calorie fish skins are a great guilt free treat that have lots of health benefits. Great for training or a whole chew for your furry friends.


Beef Tripe sticks are an amazing treat for dogs with stomach sensitivities as it is low in fat and additive free. It provides a rough texture making it great for the removal of plaque.

From £4.49

Chicken Feet are a 100% Natural treat that are low in fat and high in protein. They are a crunchy treat to help keep their teeth clean by taking off the plaque.


Don’t let the origins of these natural dog treats put you off, our Beef Testicles will be sure to tempt your dog into wanting these tasty morsels!

From £4.50

Hairy Cow Ears are a fantastic alternative 100% natural treat to pig ears. Not only are they lower in fat, the addition of the fur helps with deworming your dog but helps clear out any other nasties from the intestinal tract.

From £4.49

Puffed Pig Snouts are gently air-dried, 100% natural and contain natural oils that help to promote a lovely shiny skin and coat. They are much less greasy to standard pig snouts and ears.

From £3.99

Puffed Chicken Feet have a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin that help to promote healthy joints. Puffed Chicken Feet are also suitable for puppies over 12 weeks old.


Cod skin rolls are a 100% natural crunchy treat. They are packed full of vitamins and Omega 3. Highly digestible and a single source protein, great for dogs with sensitives and allergies.


Buffalo Trachea Wrapped in Lung are a great longer lasting treat for all dogs. Packed with protein and a low fat tasty treat your dog will love.