Here at Proper Natural KONG products have always been the number one when it comes to toys since the very beginning. We Love the variety, designs and the quality that the KONG brand has to offer.

We have sold KONG products for over 4 years from when we opened our first shop, but our family pets have been a huge fan of KONG toys for well over a decade. We are extremely passionate in believing dogs can learn so much through playing which can improve the bond with your dog and their own behaviour. KONG has an outstanding range of toys that covers all aspects of playing including boredom busters, tuggers, puzzle toys all the way down to the ultra soft cuddly toys which are all available in various sizes to suit all types of dogs.

Our Customers who shop with us clearly share this same passion for KONG products as us, solely based on the amazing feedback we receive. You can trust us when we say our customers love and trust KONG.

KONG has been the most popular dog toy brand in the industry for decades and continues to release new quality products regularly keeping a fresh look to their already huge diverse selection. You can count on us to ensure we stock a fantastic selection and supply any future products that KONG has to offer.