Skin & Coat Care Natural Dog Treats & Chews

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Large Pig Ears are a popular dog treat that are made from cartilage making them super chewy and a delicious treat. They contain collagen to help keep their skin and coat healthy.

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Furry Rabbit ears are a fantastic low fat treat for all sizes of dogs. Been a single source protein treat, they are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs due to containing NO additives or grains. With regular feeding, the added benefit of fur will help with de-worming.


Our Pork Rolls are pieces of defatted Pork rind that has been rolled into tubes and then naturally air dried to create a delicious attractive tasty treat.


These crunchy low calorie fish skins are a great guilt free treat that have lots of health benefits. Great for training or a whole chew for your furry friends.

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Sprats are great for sprinkling on top of food, as a training treat or a snack. They help to promote healthy skin and coat and are packed full of Omega 3 & 6.


Our large trachea's are a great long lasting treat for all dogs that can be given as a treat or stuffed for fun enrichment. They are amazing for committed chewers and keep them busy.


Here at Proper Natural we love Pigs in blankets all year round, this includes our furry friends too! These gourmet sausages have been wrapped in a delicious piece of Pork rind making a fantastic multi protein treat that dogs can enjoy whatever the season!


Salmon Skin Twists a great training treat or a quick snack for your dog. Full of great health benefits plus they are suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks of age.

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Beef Gullet is a low fat treat that your dog will absolutely love. Beef gullet is air dried to lock in all the nutritional goodness and taste. It is a great treat for all sizes and ages.

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Fish Cubes are made from 100% fish skins, making them a fantastic treat for your dog. They help to promote skin and coat health and are packed full of vitamins and minerals.


Our Sausage rolls are made from a gourmet sausage that has been carefully wrapped in a delicious piece of Pork rind. These are a larger version of our pigs in blankets making them a perfect snack for larger dogs.

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Chicken Necks are a great crunchy snack for your well behaved pooch. They provide a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints.

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Nova Olive Branch is a long lasting chew made from Olive tree branches. They are great as a natural dental chew to remove plaque and tartar as they gnaw down.


Herring Fish Fingers are a tasty crunchy treat for your dog. They are packed full of flavour and nutrients that your dog will love. Suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks of age.

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Beef Tails are a great source of amino acids which helps to support your pooches brain, body and coat. They are a great longer lasting chew and supports good oral health.


Hairy Roe Deer Legs are great at helping with the natural de-worming process. They are a great source of calcium and fibre and are great for oral health.


Cod Rings are highly digestible and a single source protein. Great alternative to meat products and are packed full of vitamins and Omega 3. Suitable from 8 weeks of age.


Roe Deer Legs are an extremely tough chew ideal for the 'Proper' chewers. They are great for promoting good dental health as they remove the plaque and tartar off their teeth as they gnaw down.


Lamb Trotters are a great dental chew that is high in collagen which supports a healthy coat & skin and is a natural source of Calcium and Phosphorous for bone support. Suitable for dogs over 6 months old.


Cod skin rolls are a 100% natural crunchy treat. They are packed full of vitamins and Omega 3. Highly digestible and a single source protein, great for dogs with sensitives and allergies.


Lamb Ears are great for dog's that have stomach sensitivities as they are low in fat. They are a delicious tasty low fat treat that helps to support dental health.


Goat Trotters are an incredible source of calcium and a 100% natural healthy chew. They may be gross to us but rest assured your dog will absolutely love them!


Goose Feet are full of glucosamine which helps to promote healthy joints. They are a perfect treat for maintaining oral health as they are crunchy meaning they take the plaque off their teeth.

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Pig Ear Inner's are a great chewy snack to satisfy your furry friend. They are great if you have a small dog who can't handle a full pig ear.