Quality control of our Large Pigs Ears at Proper Natural

Quality control of our Large Pigs Ears at Proper Natural

Here at Proper Natural, we only supply the best natural treats to your furry friends and with pig’s ears being one of our most popular treats, I thought I would explain to you what we consider to be a good and bad pig’s ear.

So firstly, each 100% natural pig’s ears is unique. You’d be right in thinking because they are natural products that the shape and size will vary, because one pig is obviously not the same as another.

When you order large pig’s ears from us, you expect to receive what you ordered, Large pig ears, not small, not medium, but large! We inspect the size and quality of all our stock when it arrives and if we do not believe them to be up to our ‘large’ standard then we will return them to our supplier.

How do ‘our’ large pig ears differ from other natural pet products retailers?

After lots of research and checking out pig’s ears sold by other retailers, we are confident that our ears are at least 30% larger in size than several other natural pet products retailers. By purchasing other retailers ‘large’ pig ears, it could be considered a ‘false economy’ as what you receive would not equate to what you would receive from us for the same cost.

Example of a good 'large' pig ear and a bad 'so called large' pig ear.

Why not give them a try and take The Pig’s Ear Challenge for yourself. We are sure your dogs will thank you for it.

We want you to be very happy with the products you receive so we take the time before packing your order to ensure what you are going to receive is up to scratch!

What makes for a bad Pig’s ear?

Another reason why we may reject them is because as a business we believe if you're treating your dog to 100% Natural treats then you are doing this to benefit your dogs wellbeing. We would never send out any products that could potentially cause any harm to your dog which can be because of any of the following reasons below :-

  • Bad/off smell to them
  • Jagged or cut edges
  • Discoloured
  • Tags still in the ears

So if we receive bad Pig’s ear, then you can trust us 100% that they aren’t going to be sent out to you and we will be sending them back to our suppliers.

We work really hard to only supply excellent quality products that we ourselves would give to our dogs.

If you need any help or advice with anything, please feel free to email us on customerservices@propernatural.co.uk

From Olivia