Bonding with your dog

Toys to help you bond with your dog

Bonding with your dog is important and has lots of benefits 

These include:-

  • Improving their recall 

  • Improves their command response 

  • Dogs feel more confident in scary or unknown situations as they have you by their side

  • Helps to minimise rage and aggression

  • Gives them a sense of security, trust and safety

  • Ensures both you and your dog a happier life

One of the ways to help you both bond is by playing together. Make a set time every day to play with your dog and interact with them. Playing is hardwired in your dog’s DNA. If you're struggling to know what toys to buy then here are 5 KONG toys that are great.

KONG Tuggz

They come in 2 designs: a monkey and sloth. They have a squeaker which dogs love and it adds extra excitement to playtime. Plus it has a rope allowing you to hold one end to tug and play. The rope is also good for throwing to play fetch. The fabric is super soft, allowing it to turn into a cuddly toy in the evening when they are tired from playing. 

KONG Tuggz allows you and your dog to play tug-of-war and fetch. It's great for indoor and outdoor play. 

KONG Air Tennis ball

Let’s be honest, what dog doesn't love a ball? They are great for playing indoors or outdoors and they have so many play opportunities. KONG Air balls have a built- in squeaker for extra fun plus it keeps them physically and mentally satisfied. 

KONG Air ball is great for playing fetch, hiding under objects for them to find, playing football, the opportunities are endless. 

KONG Corestrength Bone

These are great to allow your dog to gnaw down onto and they are super tough. You can interact with your dog by spreading their much loved treat into the grooves, they will definitely love you for it. 

KONG Corestrength Bone

This is great for both indoor and outdoor play sessions. 

KONG Frisbee

If your dog loves to have a run and play fetch then a KONG Frisbee is what you need. The natural rubber is super soft on their teeth and jaws making it perfect for playing fetch. They will love when you throw it for them and return the favour by bringing it back to you, to do it all over again.

KONG Frisbee is great for outdoor play either in your garden or a field. 

KONG Wubba Ballistic

These are great as they have a built in squeaker for extra excitement but they are also tough and durable. The Wubba has canvas strands which are great for holding onto while they tug with you. 

KONG Wubba Ballistics are great for playing fetch, tug and giving your dog physical and mental stimulation.