Treat Toys for Dogs

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From £6.09

The KONG Treat Spiral Stick is a treat-dispensing toy for lasting mental and physical stimulation with multiple reward holes and a unique spiral shape. Unpredictable movement and durable material for long-lasting fun. This toy is sure to get your dogs foraging instincts racing!

From £7.85

The KONG Puppy Activity Ball helps promote healthy teeth and gums with the ability to stuff with your puppy's favourite treats and pastes. Can be frozen to help soothe teething pains.

From £5.99

The puppy KONG is the perfect toy to keep your new puppy entertained for hours.

Stuff with your puppies favourite treats and engage their instinctual needs.

From £7.09

The KONG Extreme is made from a unique, ultra durable natural rubber and has been designed to keep even the toughest of chewers entertained. From its erratic bounce to the ability to stuff with your dogs favourite treats, the KONG Extreme offers endless fun and stimulation.

From £6.55

Mentally stimulating toy offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs.

KONG classic red rubber formula for average chewers.

From £13.89

The KONG Wobbler is an action packed food-dispensing toy that provides mental stimulation and wobbles to spark the dogs curiosity. It allows dogs to work for their food and engages their natural instincts. It unscrews easily for filling.

From £6.79

The KONG Binkie is made from a unique natural puppy rubber which assists in easing your puppies teething, whilst having the ability to be stuffed with your puppies favourite treats for long lasting fun.

From £5.95

KONG Senior is great for ageing dogs as the rubber is softer on their teeth. Can be stuffed with their favourite treat. Can also be frozen for the warmer months. 

From £10.99

The KONG Puppy Tire is a super durable rubber ideal for games of fetch and chewing. It helps to teach them the correct chewing habits.