Furry Rabbit Ears for Dogs | What are the benefits?

Furry Rabbit Ears for Dogs | What are the benefits?

What are Furry Rabbit Ears?

Furry Rabbits Ears are a by-product of the rabbit meat industry which is simply air dried to create a delicious 100% Natural treat for dogs which is loved by dogs of all ages and sizes. 

Are Furry Rabbit Ears good for dogs?

Furry Rabbit ears are a fantastic low fat healthy treat that dogs of all sizes can enjoy. They are a great choice for dogs being fed a raw BARF diet as well as being a healthy natural dog treat for wet or kibble fed dogs. 

Being 100% Natural meaning they are free from any additives, grains or preservatives that have been air dried to lock in all the nutritional goodness that rabbit ears have to offer. They are a high source of protein which is hypoallergenic because they are a 'novel' protein so they are less likely to cause a reaction in dogs who suffer from allergies.

Are Furry Rabbit Ears a natural dewormer?

In a nutshell, yes. The fur on the Rabbit ears has many benefits. One of them been a natural dewormer. The fur has an abrasive texture and once digested it has the ability to help clear out the digestive tract. Not only will it help clearing worms, it will also help clearing out any build ups of food residue that can lead to discomfort in your dog's tummy. By doing these things means your dog can absorb more of the goodness and nutrition from any future food and treats.

How do you prepare Furry Rabbit ears for your dog?

This could not be any easier. Our Furry Rabbit Ears will arrive to you already prepared! We package them in a resealable bag which means all you have to do is open the pack, take one out and reseal. You do not need to do anything more other than give it straight to your dog. Most dogs will finish it in one sitting and for larger dogs it may well be gone in under a minute. But if your dog does not manage to get through it all in one sitting just simply allow it to dry and pop it back into the bag.

How often should I feed Furry Rabbit Ears to my dog?

We would recommend 2-3 ears a week for smaller dogs up to 20kg and 3-5 ears per week for larger dogs up to 40kg. These amounts will allow your dogs to fully utilise the benefits that Furry Rabbit ears have to offer! 

Generally, one furry rabbit ear contains between 15-55 calories.

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From Olivia at Proper Natural.