Lamb Horns

Are Lamb Horns Safe For Dogs?

Are Lamb Horns safe for dogs?

Yes they are! However we are going to talk about why it is important to be in tune with your dog and their needs. 

Firstly let's go over what is important when giving your dog a Lamb horn

  1. Size - It is vital to pick the correct size lamb horn for your dog. We have them available in 3 sizes to cater for a range of dog sizes. It is best to choose a size that allows your dog to hold it with their paws while comfortably chewing on the end. If you choose a lamb horn that is too small it could pose a choking hazard.

  2. Allergies & Sensitivities - If it is a new treat for your dog it is always best to only give that treat within 24 hours, this allows time for your dog to react. If your dog vomits or has diarrhoea it could be a sign of a sensitivity or allergy but it could also be that they have had too much of the treat and therefore it can upset their tummy. It is always best to try the treat again in a couple of weeks time but take the treat off them after 5-10 minutes and see if they have the same reaction. 

  3. Powerful chewers - If your dog is a large breed and has a super powerful chew it is sometimes best to avoid chews like Lamb horns as they are dense therefore if your dog gnaws down very hard on the Lamb horn this can crack their teeth causing dental issues. If your dog is a light to moderate chewer these are a great long lasting treat to keep them entertained, and a fantastic alternative to Buffalo horns or Antler chews.

  4. Age - If you have a puppy sometimes their bellies can be sensitive meaning you should be careful when giving them new treats. If they have diarrhoea or vomit this doesn't always mean it’s a bad reaction, sometimes it can be too much for their little tummies to digest. Next time they have a treat try giving them half or holding the treat to be in control making sure they don't swallow the treat whole. 

  5. Weight Control - Our Lamb horns are really low in fat making them great for dogs who need to be on a lower fat diet. You can also stuff them with their food to make them great for mental stimulation. 

  6. Mental Stimulation - Providing your dog with mental stimulation is vital for their overall health and wellbeing. Lamb horns are a longer lasting treat meaning your dog has to work to chew and work out the best way to do this. You can also stuff the Lamb horn with any of their favourite fillings, this makes your dog lick the horn helping to release endorphins and reduce their stress levels. 

  7. Digestible - Lamb horns are easily digestible due to them being a single source protein meaning they have no added additives or fillers.  So don't worry if a small part comes off the horn and your dog eats it, it shouldn't cause them harm.However if they swallow a piece that is too large then the stomachs response is to eject it making them sick, usually there aren't any adverse effects. 

  8. Dental Benefits - Lamb horns work just as well as Buffalo horns and Antler chews at helping remove a build up of tartar and plaque from your dog's teeth therefore, this helps to promote a good quality of dental health which in turn helps reduce the risk of dogs getting periodontal disease which is the most popular dental related disease in dogs. 

Are Lamb horns safe for my puppy?

Our Lamb horns are suitable from 12 weeks of age. If it is their first time having the treat make sure to leave 24 hours to have another treat to see if they have any reactions. If they do leave it a few weeks and try again. Lamb horns are great for puppies as they are a bigger treat meaning they are less likely to swallow it whole and you can hold it to be in full control. It will also help to relieve teething pain they may be having which saves them chewing things they shouldn’t be. 

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Love from Olivia 😀