Chicken feet for dogs and their health benefits

Chicken feet for dogs and their health benefits

So as you may know we sell two types of chicken’s feet - Puffed and dehydrated, which both are perfectly safe for your dog to eat.

How are puffed chicken feet made?

Well puffed chicken feet for dogs are air dried over time allowing them to keep their natural form and all their vitamins and minerals to make them super beneficial. 

How are dehydrated chicken feet made?

Dehydrated chicken feet are put into a dehydrating machine and slowly dried out which also allows them to lock in their natural vitamins and minerals, just like the puffed feet.

Both chicken feet are super beneficial for your dogs and a tasty guilt free treat to give them. 

Because both types of feet are dried slowly this means the bones within the feet become crumbly meaning there is less chance of them splintering. 

What are the benefits of feeding my dog chicken feet?

  • Low in fat 

  • High in protein

  • High in Glucosamine and Chondroitin

  • Great for their joints and bones 

  • Low calories 

  • Packed full of vitamins and minerals 

  • Single source protein 

  • No additives or fillers 

  • Helps to improve their dental & oral health 

  • Easily digestible 

I think we can all agree that there are so many benefits when it comes to chicken’s feet.

Can they eat the claws?

No they can't, as they are quite sharp which may cause injuries. All of our chicken’s feet have had their claws taken out meaning they are safe for your dog to eat straight away.

Can my puppy have chicken’s feet?

Yes they can from 12 weeks old. If you are giving your puppy a new treat we recommend you slowly introduce them to make sure they have no reactions. With their tummies being small they may not be able to finish a treat so it is fine to take it away from them. All puppies are different so make sure you supervise them at all times and if you feel they can't manage it, wait until they are a little older.

How many chicken feet should I feed my dog?

A small dog should have between 1-2 feet a day, with a medium to Large dog having 2-4 a day. Approximately each chicken feet contains 75 calories each making them a great healthy treat. 

What alternatives can I give to my dog instead of chicken’s feet?

  • Chicken necks 

  • Duck feet 

  • Rabbit ears 

  • Pigs ears 

  • Rabbit feet 

How do I store chicken’s feet?

Once opened make sure they are stored in an airtight container in a cool place. They will last around 6 months. 

We always advise that your dog is supervised at all times when given a treat and take away any treat that is small enough for them to swallow. Make sure fresh clean water is always available. 

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From Olivia