Are Pigs ears safe for dogs? All you need to know from Proper Natural.

Are Pigs ears safe for dogs? All you need to know from Proper Natural.

Are pigs ears safe for dogs?

Pig ears are made from cartilage and skin and contain very little muscle. This means they are a very chewy treat that will keep your dog chewing for a while. Also because they are 100% natural with no additives, they are a much safer alternative to traditional rawhide chews that can potentially contain nasties such as chemicals to clean and form the hide into various shapes that you may have seen in certain retailers.

Pigs ears do not contain rawhide meaning they are a super tasty healthy treat for your dog. Ours certainly love them A LOT! 

Pigs ears are high in protein at 66%. Protein is full of amino acids meaning it’s great for their body and immunity health. Fat is 22.5% , therefore they should only be given as a treat not daily. You can also give your dog half of the ear by taking it off them once they’ve chewed enough. That being said, your dog's diet needs to contain around 20% fat so some fat is healthy for them. If you want a lower fat alternative then take a look at our cow ears. 

Pig’s ears have great benefits such as - 

  • Great for dental health - As they gnaw down on the ear it helps to remove plaque and tartar leading to a fresher breath and good oral health. 

  • Grain & Gluten free - Great for dogs with allergies and sensitivities 

  • High in protein - A supply of amino acids that help to build hair, skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nails and cartilage. 

  • Single source protein - helps dogs with food sensitivities and allergies 

  • Packed full of Omega 3 & iron - Great for their skin & coat and also helping with joints and mobility plus brain development. 

  • Packed full of flavour - If your dog chews it will keep the same level of flavour for the whole duration that it lasts.

  • Long lasting - Great for keeping them occupied and busy while exercising their jaw. 

When your dog gnaws down on the ear it doesn’t break into pieces lowering the risk of choking, actually as they gnaw down it helps to remove plaque and tartar off their teeth leading to fresh breath and good dental health. 

Our pig ears are unique from other companies as they are - 

  • Large ears- At least 30% large than other companies. Try our Pig ear challenge for yourself!

  • High quality meaning no cuts, jagged edges or discoloured 

  • Low odour - although your dog will absolutely love the smell, to us they aren’t unpleasant 

  • Not greasy 

  • Hand packed so we ensure high quality of all treats 

  • They come in a resealable bag so they can remain fresh for longer, although I'm sure they won't last that long!

If your dog hasn’t had a pig ear before we always recommend you to slowly introduce them to your dog so it is less likely to upset their tummy. Fresh clean drinking water should always be available. 

From Olivia 😀