New Variety Packs

New Variety Packs

Proper Natural have created 3 brand new variety packs which have been carefully handpicked with love and feature some of our dogs' favourite treats. These packs offer a fantastic way to sample a range of our delicious, high-quality treats that your dogs will adore, with the added benefit of extra nutrition.

Each of our variety packs includes an assortment of treats and chews designed to keep your dog entertained. They also feature treats perfect for training sessions. All our natural treats are free from fillers and additives, ensuring they are healthy for your dog.. Our variety packs are suitable for all dogs, for puppies over the age of 8 weeks, to the most powerful chewers, and we even have options for dogs with allergies and sensitivities.

When you choose our variety packs, you are guaranteed:

High Quality Treats - Free from nasties, fillers, and additives, providing excellent health benefits for your dog.

100% Natural - All our treats are completely natural with no processed meats, just as nature intended.

Packed with Love - We take great care in packaging your orders with high-quality materials, packed with care and signed with love.

Value for Money - Our packs are filled with a variety of treats and chews, offering great value for your money.