Welcome to the all new Proper Natural Website

Welcome to the all new Proper Natural Website

Hello and welcome to Proper Natural , the online division of JC’s Pet Supplies. We have 3 locations across Yorkshire bringing you all things pets! Now with the help of Vocario we are excited to bring to you our amazing brand new website

Our previous JC’s website has been live for almost 3 years which sold natural treats by branded products such as Hollings, T.Forrest etc, however we have decided it was time to create our own brand and give our customers not only quality products but also our amazing dedicated customer service.

Proper Natural Website Menu.

We have vastly improved upon our old website by working with Voracio, who are an amazing team of professionals that have helped us design and create the brand ‘Proper Natural’. Using the incredible features the Voracio ecommerce platform has to offer, we have ensured our new website provides an incredible user experience. We are so pleased with how it looks and functions at the time of launch and there’s lots more features and enhancements still to come! Our website offers a wide variety to suit all dogs needs and wants, with the help of the team at Voracio we have paid particular attention to the navigation and filtering capabilities of the website, so we’re confident you’d fine its usability second to none, not to mention our low prices on top quality products!

Proper Natural Website Product Listing Page.

As part of the improved user experience, Voracio have designed us stylish, customised product feature icons to help you easily see the key features, benefits and what they help solve on each product. These are prominently positioned in numerous areas, allowing you to get accurate and informative product details as you shop!

We also believe and are very passionate that dogs learn through play, so we have added a wide variety of toys made by the famous brand KONG. We believe they provide your dog with many play opportunities and a wide variety of toys. Alongside KONG, we will be selling TastyBone, LickiMat and Coachi to cater to all dogs that need mental stimulation, training, relief with anxieties or if you want to give your dog more opportunities to learn, play and have fun.

Proper Natural Website Product Detail Page.

We have also worked very hard on bringing you and your dog the very best quality products. We are very knowledgeable of the supply chain, meaning our products are ethically sourced and of a fantastic quality.

Here at Proper Natural we are always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience of our customers and we truly believe you will all love the new website just as much as we do. We will continue to work extremely hard to keep bringing you new products on a regular basis, offering you with new exciting treats for your dog to try and new releases from KONG, meaning your furry friends will be spoiled for choice. We also will be continually updating our website with news and informative articles to help you with problems, seasonal advice, individual treat information and much more.

Love from us all at Proper Natural